Invoices w/o VAT

Due to international legislation starting with December 2017 all invoices issued by YAROOMS will contain the additional VAT tax of 19%.

However, you are eligible for exemption from the EU VAT if you choose to be billed as a taxable entity. All you have to do is to update the Account -> Billing section in YAROOMS with the corresponding name and address and send a proof of taxable entity to`

Proof of taxable entity is a government issued document showing your entity registration and tax status. The following documents are valid proofs of taxable entity:

  • VAT registration number for EU customers

  • Fiscal residency certificate

  • Certificate of incorporation

  • Charity registration certificate

  • Most IRS forms for U.S. customers or other documents containing your E.I.N.

  • Documents that contain your registration number which is verifiable using a public government service

Please note that if you choose to be billed as an individual instead of a business, all invoices will have to contain VAT, regardless of the documentation you can provide to us.