Microsoft Teams

In order to use YAROOMS as a tab under your MS Teams account, settings and configuration must be applied both in Azure Portal and YAROOMS. Until this is done properly, a message containing "Inactive Teams Integration" will be displayed in the tab.

YAROOMS tab for Microsoft Teams requires a valid subscription to YAROOMS, according to currently available plans. If the YAROOMS-Teams integration process is performed during the trial period and no subscription is chosen, the integration will be disabled.

The tech steps below must be performed by a user with Admin privileges in Azure Portal and by a YAROOMS Administrator.

Application and Permissions in Azure Portal

In Azure Portal go to Azure Active Directory -> App Registrations and create a new Application with Account Type Multitenant. After saving, store the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID.

In the new App’s edit screen, go to API Permissions and click Microsoft Graph. The minimal permissions needed are:

  • For Delegated Permissions:

    • None

  • For Application Permissions:

    • Directory.Read.All

    • User.Read.All

After setting up these values, go back to API Permissions screen and click Grant admin consent for [Your organization's name]. This will allow the chosen settings to be propagated to all accounts registered under your Microsoft organization and allow all users to activate the Teams tab and login to YAROOMS.

Back on the App’s edit screen, go to Certificates and Secrets and create a New Client Secret.

In the App’s edit screen, go to Authentication and edit the Redirect URI:

  • Type: Web

  • Redirect URI: https://[domain] . The domain value is the unique URL used by your company.

  • Under Advanced Settings, at Implicit Grant:

    • Check both boxes (Access tokens and ID Tokens)

Configure Integration in YAROOMS

In YAROOMS Webapp, navigate to Manage -> Integrations -> Teams.

Install YAROOMS Package in Teams

Go to Teams and install the App package. When prompted for the URL, depending on the YAROOMS module your company is using, type one of the following:

  • Spaces:

    • https://[domain]

    • https://[domain]

  • Rooms

    • https://[domain]

    • https://[domain]

    • https://[domain]

A Teams tab can only display a single view, so, if a user needs to access more than one view at once, they can simply create another tab with a different URL.