Annual Plans

YArooms offers two types of plans for our Cloud service in order to provide the best experience for both the casual user and the busy corporate client with a much larger workload.

The Pay As You Go plan is a monthly plan intended for short term use or low meeting numbers and is detailed here.

The annually prepaid plans are designed for clients who integrate YArooms into their day-to-day activity and experience large meeting numbers. These types of plans only take into account for billing purposes the total number of registered users. All the other assets are unlimited (such as no. locations / rooms / meetings / resources).

Starter Plan - will allow the customer to register up to 10 users.

Office Plan - will allow the customer to register up to 100 users.

Corporate Plan - will allow the customer to register up to 500 users.

We also have an Enterprise option available, which provides the customer with a large number of additional features, in addition to everything available through the Cloud service. These include enhanced security, on-prem deployment, on demand customization of the features and/or interface, large user numbers, and so on. For more details about our Enterprise option you should contact us directly and we will provide you with a custom quote based on your needs