Managing planning settings

This section is intended at Administrators of the account who can access the Manage section.

The planning settings can be different from department to department, that is why in YAROOMS you can define different settings for different user groups.

To get started, go to Manage > Users > Manage groups and edit the group of your choice. Then click the Planning tab.

Planning tab of the Edit group section

Defining Managers

Group managers are actual managers (team leads) of specific groups, although in the YAROOMS system they may only have standard user rights. To extend planning capabilities for such users, administrators can add them as managers to groups (one group can have multiple group managers). It can be done by following the path: Manage → Users → Manage groups → Select a group → Managers.

Working days

These are days of the week that are considered working for this group. They can be different than the working days of the Location. This may help implementing alternate working scenarios with employees working Mon-Wed-Fri vs Tue-Thurs.

When a day of the week is not selected, it will appear as greyed out on the Planning page.

Planning window

How much time ahead can this user group plan. If set to 30, then only the next 30 days window will be plannable for users belonging to this group.

Planning threshold

How much time ahead is this group required to plan. If set to 3, then users of this group will receive a planning notification 3 working days ahead of the first unplanned date.

WFH threshold max per week

What percentage of the weekly working days can be worked from home. Example: if set to 50% for a 5 days work week, the system will consider the threshold exceeded after the first 2 WFH days in that week.

WFH threshold max per month

Similar to the above, but it applies to the month of work. Together, these two settings allow for the implementation of very granular work from home policies, like 80% / week but no more than 50% / month.

Threshold behavior

This setting defines how the system behaves when the Work from home threshold has been reached. The two options are:




Does not allow the user to continue planning WFH after the threshold is reached.

Just warn

Allows the user to continue planning WFH after the threshold is reached, but it warns them that the threshold has been exceeded.