Planning your work
This functionality is available to all user groups that have access to the Work planning module.
The Work planning module allows each user to define the individual planning for the coming weeks months, specifying days in the office / working from home / vacation.
It all starts with a notification you receive by email to start planning your upcoming period. The link in the email points you to the Planning page, below:
Work planning page
The page can also be accessed by clicking the Workplace > Planning menu entry.
The first state for a new user is today's date with the Planning required status
Clicking the Planning required indicator will open a context menu with the options available for the current user. A choice is required to advance to the next planning date.
Choosing planning for the 27th
Based on your choice, YAROOMS will make some assumptions regarding the way you want to interact with the reservable resources. Each date has a status in the bottom right corner of the cell showing the current status of that date (Ok for settled, Exclamation mark for action required).
In the Office
A desk booking is required / Other space reservations are possible
Work from Home
No desk booking or other in-office reservation is needed
Out of Office
No desk booking or other in-office reservation is needed
Based on the assumptions above the interface will guide you to complete the date status by either reserving the needed space or by releasing the currently reserved spaces:
Book my Desk & Help me find a space can be 2 of the options
Planning can be required for a number of days ahead and available for a limited number of days ahead, based on the requirements defined by your Administrator.

Work from Home threshold

Depending on the requirements defined by your Administrator, you may have a WFH threshold of 50%, for example. In this case, you may see an error like the following when setting too many successive WFH dates:
Work from Home threshold error
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