Booking a space

1. Using the Map view

To book a desk, workstation, or a parking space straight from the map, select the available space (green circle) and press “Book now”.

You will be redirected to the date selector. The carousel view shows the space’s availability by day. Select the dates for which you want to make the booking by pressing on them.

If you want to reserve a space for less than one day, use the “Change” option to adjust the booking times. From the drop-down menu, select the time from the predefined intervals or enter your own using the custom option.

Conclude by pressing “Continue”. If necessary, add any additional details in the designated field and press “Confirm booking” to finalize. The booking confirmation will also be sent to your email.

2. Using the Timeline view

To make a booking via the timeline view, press any empty window in the row of your desired space. You will be directed to the Map view to proceed.

3. Using the “Find a space option”

The “Find a space option” allows users to search and book spaces with specific amenities. For example, it could be a desk with dual monitors or a parking lot with an electric charger.

Specify the required features when using the “Find a space” search:

The system will display a list of spaces that fit your criteria and are available during the indicated time interval. Use the “Remove” option to eliminate spaces you don’t want to book, select reservation time, and confirm your booking.

If you are a super-user looking for information about booking a space on behalf of someone else, read this article.