Capacity enforcement
Set and enforce capacity restraints in spaces and areas.

1. Types of capacity enforcement

YAROOMS supports 3 types of capacity enforcement:
    Room (area) capacity
    Floor capacity
    Location (building) capacity

2. How to set up capacity limits

To establish the maximum room/area capacity, enter the floor plan editor mode and select “Areas” on the top of the page:
Press on any existing area to modify its capacity. You can also draw new areas and set up their capacity limits.
To enforce floor capacity limits, follow the path Manage > Floors > Edit floor > Capacity
To set up location (building) capacity limits, follow the path Manage > Locations > Edit location > Capacity

3. How does it work

The location (building) capacity limits the maximum number of people in the building. It overrides the floor or individual area capacities when reached. For example:
    Your office building has 2 floors, each with the capacity of 10 people. The normal (unlimited) location capacity is 20.
    You set up a capacity limit of maximum 16 people in the building (both floors).
    After booking 8 seats on each floor, all the other available seats (4, in this case) in the building are disabled.
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