The QR Code Check-in functionality allows fast and contactless registration to the reserved desk.

How to check-in

Depending on the check-in policy of your organization, check-in can be performed in one of 2 ways:
    Scanning a QR code (YAROOMS Mobile application)
    Simple check-in (YAROOMS Web / Teams / Mobile)

Scanning a QR code (YAROOMS Mobile app)

You can check-in to your booked space by scanning the unique space’s QR code with the YAROOMS Mobile app. The QR code is usually placed on the desk, room, or other resource by the administrative team. To scan the QR code and check-in, open your YAROOMS Mobile app, press on the pink “plus” icon on the bottom right corner, and select the “Scan QR code” option.

Simple check-in (YAROOMS Web / Teams / Mobile)

To check-in to spaces directly from your browser or another web-enabled interface, open the YAROOMS web application, go to Workplace → Map, select the space you reserved, and press the “Check-in” button.
You can also go to the Workplace → My bookings and check-in on the booking details page:
The same process applies when checking-out.
If you are an Administrator looking to change the check-in options, please refer to Managing check-in options.
Last modified 7mo ago