The QR Code Check-in functionality allows fast and contactless registration to the reserved desk.

How to enable QR code check-in

Administrators can enable the QR Code check-in functionality by following the path Manage → Space types → [select a space type from the list] → Groups → [select a group from the list].

Activate the “Require check-in” option by pressing “Yes”, set the grace period, and save your settings. The QR code check-in is now required for all the spaces in the group.

The grace period is the number of minutes until the reservation which was not confirmed by a check-in is canceled and space is released.

If no check-in was performed, a 9 AM space reservation with a 60-minute grace period will be canceled automatically at 10 AM.

Where to find QR codes

After the check-in functionality is enabled, follow the path Manage → Spaces, filter the spaces you need, and click on the “Print” icon in the bottom right corner. You will be able to print QR codes for the selected spaces.

How to check-in and check-out

Users can check-in to their reserved space by scanning the unique space’s QR code with the YAROOMS Mobile app.

To scan the QR code and check-in, open your YAROOMS Mobile app, press on the pink “plus” icon on the bottom right corner, and select the “Scan QR code” option.

Scanning the QR code of a space that is not reserved will book it on the spot and check-it-in automatically.

Another way to perform the QR code check-in is to press on a booking and select the “Check in” option.

To release the space and check-out, press on the booking and select the “Check out” option.

Both check-ins and check-outs can be reported in Analytics.