Finding a space

Find the perfect space with all necessary amenities.

1. Example use cases

Use “Find a space” option for an advanced space search:

  • Find a desk with specific features (dual monitor, window seat),

  • Find a parking lot available between specific dates,

  • Search for multiple spaces with the required amenities or availability in a particular floor or building.

2. Adding space features

In YAROOMS, space features are defined by Administrators. The number of space features is unlimited.

To add a new space feature, follow the path Manage → Space features → Add feature. To add a new feature to the space, follow the path Manage → Spaces. Select the space and mark the newly available feature.

3. Assigned space affinity

If a user with an assigned seat is using the “Find a space” search, the assigned seat will always be suggested first (provided that it matches the search criteria).