Managing space groups

Depending on your organization’s needs, YAROOMS allows defining different space groups within different space types, for example:

Space type

Space groups


Individual desks; Sales department desks; Standing desks etc.

Parking lots

Management parking; Accessible parking; Bike parking etc.

Meeting rooms

Conference rooms; IT department rooms; Individual workrooms etc.

Space groups are useful if you want to set up different reservation terms and conditions, or booking/check-in strategies, such as:

  • Booking standing desks is allowed only during a specific time interval, QR code check-in required.

  • Booking individual desks is allowed for a full day, check-in not required.

  • Booking accessible parking spots is allowed only to specific users, at specific time intervals, check-in not required.

How to create a space group

To create a space group, follow the path Manage → Space types → Select a space type → Groups → Add group. Define the group and save your preferences.

Terms & conditions

If booking spaces in the specific group requires agreement with terms and conditions, you can include a link to them in the Details → Terms URL section. If set, it will ask users to check the “Terms & Conditions” box before completing the booking. The agreement text can be customized in the “Terms text” field.

Managing booking strategies

In the "Booking strategies" field, you can define how the space group can be booked:

Full day - users can book spaces in the group for a full day.

Intervals - specific users (added in the “Name” field) can book spaces in the group only during a predefined time interval.

Custom - users can select space booking time intervals themselves.

At least one booking strategy is required.

Managing check-in options

To enable the check-in functionality, activate the “Require check-in” option by pressing “Yes” and select the check-in strategy:

  • Simple (users will be required to check-in from the browser, Teams, or Mobile).

  • QR code (users will be required to scan a QR code with the YAROOMS Mobile application).

Set the grace period and save your settings. The check-in (either simple or QR code) will now be required for all the spaces in the group.

The grace period is the number of minutes until the reservation which was not confirmed by a check-in is canceled and space is released.

If no check-in was performed, a 9 AM space reservation with a 60-minute grace period will be canceled automatically at 10 AM.

Where to find QR codes

If you selected the QR code check-in strategy, follow the path Manage → Spaces, filter the spaces you need, and click on the “Print” icon in the bottom right corner. You will be able to print QR codes for the selected spaces.