Managing the floor plan
Edit the spaces and areas directly from the floor map.

1. Floor plan edit mode

Using the floor plan edit mode, Administrators can make changes to the map’s:
To access the floor plan edit mode, press the “Edit” icon on the right side of your UI:
You will be redirected to the editable view.
On the top of the page, make sure to select what you are going to edit:

2. Add and edit spaces

Using the Spaces editor, you can:
    Add new spaces to the map
    Modify and delete the existing spaces
To add a new space, simply press on any empty spot on the map.
You will be asked to select the space type (desk, parking lot, etc.) and name it.
Press “Create”. The new space will appear on the map instantly:
By pressing on an existing space, you can make modifications to it:
The “Edit” icon will redirect you to the advanced space editor. Use it to:
    Modify the space name
    Assign the space
    Select the space features, etc.
Use the “Move” icon (arrows) to change the space’s location. Select it and then click on the spot where you want to move the space.
The change will appear on the map immediately:
The red “Delete” icon will remove the space permanently in one go.

3. Add and edit capacity areas

Using the Areas editor, you can:
    Add new areas to the map
    Modify the area capacity
    Delete areas
To add a new area to the map, just drag your cursor around it:
To edit the area’s capacity, press on it and specify the maximum occupancy (number of people an area can fit in):
Read more information about capacity enforcement and social distancing.
The red “Delete” icon will remove the area permanently in one go.
Last modified 6mo ago