Screening questionnaire
Activate a questionnaire to screen for health status or other compliance aspects before coming to work.

1. How to set up

To set up a screening questionnaire, follow the path Manage → Integrations → Questionnaire → Manage → Add, and complete the setup process:
1.1 - Define details:
Name and describe the questionnaire. If selected “Active”, the questionnaire will be sent to users before their arrival at the office. In the “Send” field you can also specify how many hours before the reservation it will be done. An activated “Reject non-compliant” option will make the system reject bookings of users whose answers do not comply with pre-defined requirements.
1.2 - Add questions:
Use the tab to add your questions. Define the answer type (Yes/No or Free text) for each of them.
Correct answers can be established only for the Yes/No type of questions.
Mark the “Required” field to make the question mandatory to answer.
1.3 - Set up targeting
Use the “Targeting” tab to select in which locations the screening questionnaire will be sent.
1.4 - Add messages
Use the “Messages” tab to inform users whether they completed the questionnaire successfully and include further recommendations.

2. How does it work

The custom compliance questionnaire is sent to users before the reservation date or during the booking. The information collected can be used to simplify your Covid19 screening process.
Multiple questionnaires can be set up per location.
The compliance questionnaire will be sent to a user once per day (not for each booking).

3. Uncompleted and failed questionnaires

If the user does not complete the questionnaire or fails it (provides non-compliant answers), he will not be able to check in to the space.
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