Social distancing

Implement social distancing guidelines to keep your shared spaces safe.

1. How to set up

With YAROOMS, social distancing measures can be implemented on a space group level.

To set up a minimum distance limit between booked spaces, follow the path Manage → Space types → Select a space type → Groups → Social distancing → Min distance in m. Enter a number and save the selection.

Different space groups on the same floor can have different social distancing rules. For example, you can establish a minimum 2 meters distance between booked individual desks, and keep this requirement off from the standing desks.

The pixel to meter ratio works as a map scale. It helps to set up accurate floor maps so that the area size in pixels corresponds to the actual area size.

The pixel to meter ratio assures the accuracy of the minimum distance in meters and adds precision to your social distancing measures. It can be set up by following the path Manage → Floors → [Floor Name] → Pixel to meter ratio.

2. How does it work

When the minimum distance in meters is enforced in the area and a space is booked, it disables other bookable spaces within the established radius.

Example in the picture below: the minimum distance between booked spaces in the conference room is 2.3 meters. Once a space is booked (marked in red), all other spaces closer than 2.3 meters are disabled for reservations (marked in grey).