How do I change the Working Hours (booking interval)?

If you have different business hours, other than the default 08:00 AM - 17:00 PM, YArooms lets you customize them according to your needs.

You need to go to Manage > Locations and click on the location name where you would like to change this setting. Go to the Schedule tab and proceed to input your custom business hours. They can be identical for the entire week, or you can have different times for each day. You also have the option to block bookings for an entire day (this will be a recurrent block, until you come back to this setting and remove it).

Finally you have the option to allow / restrict bookings outside of your business hours, clicking the appropriate button. Click Save, and your options will remain in place until you decide to change them from this menu.

Please note that if you restrict bookings to your working hours and are trying to change the schedule you will first have to delete the meetings which fall outside of your new hours if the location already contains these types of bookings. Please note that you can have multiple locations with different time zones and different business hours as well.