Credits system

This feature is intended to help co-working spaces to better allot and monetize their assets. If you need to define a booking hours quota system for your tenants for any reason, you can do this simply by activating the Credits system for your User groups.

Each user group will receive on the 1st of each month the number of credits that was assigned to them by a YAROOMS administrator. These credits will be used every time they make a booking, depending on the room settings in place, until the total credit value reaches 0, or a number lower than the minimum amount required to book the rooms.

If this feature is paired with the payments integration through Stripe, then the users will be able to purchase more credits, which will be added to the remaining number of credits paired with that user group. If the feature is not paired with the payment integration, then the users will have to contact their company’s YAROOMS admins and ask them to increase the number of credits paired with their user group.

The credits assigned to a user group, apply to all members of that group, cumulatively. This means that bookings by any member will decrease the number of credits for the entire group.

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