In YAROOMS, the granular access to rooms is achieved at the User Group level. A user group is an entity that defines access rules and cancellation policies for an entire group of users. Each user needs to belong to a group.

To access the User Groups section, click on Users in the left menu and navigate to the "Manage Groups" tab. You will be presented with a standard YAROOMS list that is sortable, showing the existing groups.

All YAROOMS accounts have 3 system groups (Administrator, Supervisor and Tablet Service Accounts) which can not be edited or deleted.

If you want to limit how far in advance your users can make a booking, you now have the option to turn this feature on from the Manage > Users > User groups > Details menu.

Booking in the past

You can choose to allow people to book dates for past meetings that have already occurred (in case you want to have updated records for impromptu meetings that took place), or you can turn this feature off to avoid a situation where people accidentally book meetings in the past.

Restricted cancellation

You can decide if the users belonging to this group cannot cancel the meetings they created for a number of hours before the start of the booking. If the value is set as 0, they can cancel the meeting at any moment.

This restriction does not apply to room owners.

Booking window

The default booking window is 365 days, but you can set any number you want for this.

This restriction does not apply to the Administrators and Supervisors users group. They will be able to create / approve meetings as far in advance as they need to.

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