Email notifications

Notifications are sent via email as room bookings are created, or they change their state.
Almost all notifications contain ICS files (iCal standard) for event data portability purposes. For example, when receiving a booking confirmation in Gmail, an ICS file is attached and Gmail will automatically add the event to your calendar.
The following email notifications are sent:
Notification name
Received by
Booking confirmation
Sent when a new meeting is created.
Booking change notification
Booker, Attendees, Resource owners
Sent when a booking is updated.
Booking cancellation
Booker, Attendees
Sent when a booking is cancelled.
Meeting invitation
Received by attendees when they are added to an approved room booking, or when a booking where they are added is approved.
Meeting invitation response
Sent when an attendee answers Yes / Maybe / No to a meeting invitation.
Room owner notification
Room owners
Sent when a booking is created in a room they own. If the booking requires approval and no room owner is defined, the notification is sent to all Administrators.
Booking request approved
Sent when a room owner or Administrator approves a booking request.
Booking request declined
Sent when a room owner or Administrator declines a booking request.
Meeting reminder
Booker, Attendees
Reminders are sent 1 day and 1 hour before the start of a room reservation.
Resource booked
Resource owners
Sent when a booking containing an owned resource is created or approved, or when the resource is added to an already approved booking.
Resource cancelled
Resource owners
Sent when a booking containing an owned resource is cancelled or when the resource is removed from a booking.

Controlling the notifications

Email notifications can be muted globally or at the user level. Administrators can change the notification settings from the Account → Settings section, on the Notifications tab. Additionally, each user can change their own notification settings to override the global settings from the Account → My account → Notifications tab.
Below is the correlation between the setting and which of the emails above are muted by that option.
Setting label
Emails where it applies
Mute booking confirmations
1, 7, 8
Mute booking change notifications
Mute cancellation notifications
Mute invitations
Mute invitation responses
Mute reminders sent one day before the event
Mute reminders sent one hour before the event
Mute notifications received as resource owner
10, 11
Mute notifications received as room owner
Mute fallback notifications for Administrator

Debugging notifications

If you do not receive your email notifications the cause can be one of several. Run the following steps in order to diagnose:
  1. 1.
    Check the Account → My account section if the notification is muted
  2. 2.
    Check the Account → Settings section if the notification is muted
  3. 3.
    Verify if the email landed in your spam or junk folder. These are automated emails and they are sometimes wrongly categorized. If it is indeed there, be sure to mark it as Not spam to help your email server better qualify similar emails in the future.
  4. 4.
    Check with your IT department if it was caught by a particular filter on your organization's email server. The emails arrive from the following addresses:
    1. 2.
  5. 5.
    If the steps above do not render any results you may get in touch with our support team for additional debugging.

Responding to invitations (or RSVP)

Email invitations contain special information that makes your email client (Gmail, Outlook and others) show special buttons for responding to the invitation with Yes / Maybe / No.
When you click one of the response buttons your email client sends a specially crafted email back to us, containing your choice. We update your attendee status on the meeting and also inform the booker.
Clicking one of the buttons in your email client has the same effect as choosing your status in the web interface: