Access the import screen by clicking the "Import Users" tab on the users list.

The import works with CSV files. The file containing the user information has 4 columns: first name, last name, email and password. Only the basic information is required to create a user via the import facility.

On the import screen, you will be able to choose the type of user that applies to all of the imported rows, the location, then upload the CSV file containing the user information. An example CSV file can be downloaded from this page to use as a reference.

The CSV file to be imported doesn't contain any headings, all the rows in it are user rows.

After clicking "Preview import" a list will be generated with the information in the CSV file. If any rows contain invalid information, they will be highlighted on this screen and you will need to amend the invalid rows.

If everything is OK, you can click "Proceed with the import" to create the users with this information.

A checkbox is available to avoid sending the registration emails to the newly created users if this is not desired.

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