Check-in setup

If you typically hold a lot of meetings and need to reduce no-shows, the check-in feature is something you should enable. To do so, travel to Manage > Meeting rooms in your YArooms account (logged-in as an Administrator) and either choose an existing room or create a new one by clicking the “Add room +” button. Click on “Check In” tab. Set that to Active and choose your “Grace period” - the time period after which the room is automatically cleared and the booking cancelled if nobody checked-in.

Once you activate this feature, you can go one step further and require your users to check-in using their accounts when they attend the meeting, by going to the Settings menu on your tablet and enabling the “Require login when checking in” function.

When this feature is active, your users will get a pop-up window where they will be asked to input their credentials.

Checking in

If the Check-In feature is enabled, your tablet app will display a “Check In” button once the meeting starts. All your users need to do is click on it. Check-ins (or lack thereof) can also be viewed in your Reports section.

No Show

If your users fail to check into the room within the grace period you set for them, then the meeting will enter into a no-show state and the following things will happen:

  • the meeting is erased from the tablet

  • the meeting will disappear from the calendar views

  • the meeting can still be accounted for in the Reports section. It will appear as having the No Show status.

  • the room becomes instantly available for booking by other uses.

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