Zoom meetings integration

The Zoom meetings integration facilitates the creation of a Zoom meeting along with a YAROOMS meeting and makes sure the Zoom meeting is kept up to date as the YAROOMS meeting is updated/cancelled.

This integration uses a single service account user in Zoom to create meetings, so a per user Zoom connection is not needed.

How it works

Enabling this integration will add new options to the Quick book and Advanced booking forms in YAROOMS, showing a camera icon in the Title field.

Clicking that icon will create the meeting in Zoom with the same details as in YAROOMS and add the join details to the YAROOMS description field. This way, the Zoom join details are propagated to other calendars that are synced with YAROOMS.

The Zoom meeting is kept up to date with the YAROOMS meeting:

  • Changing the date, start or end times in YAROOMS will update the Zoom meeting

  • Cancelling the meeting in YAROOMS will delete the Zoom meeting

Activating Zoom meetings

1. Prerequisites

2. Create an App in the Zoom developer portal

  1. Access the portal here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/build and create new app

  2. Choose the "JTW" type and "Intent to publish" No

  3. Enter your information in the developer contact information section

  4. In the App credentials section you will be able to generate a long lived JWT token to be used in YAROOMS. Choose Expiration time: other and select a date far in the future. Past that date YAROOMS will not be able to create Zoom meetings in your account and this step will have to be repeated.

  5. Copy the generated JWT and store it somewhere safely for use in the next steps in YAROOMS Note that the JWT is a credential and it offers complete access over your Zoom account

3. Activate the integration in YAROOMS

  1. In the YAROOMS web interface (your-subdomain.yarooms.com) go to Manage > Integrations

  2. Choose the "Zoom meetings" integration to get started

  3. Switch the "Integration active" to YES

  4. Enter the generated JWT token

  5. (optional) Change the user ID the Zoom meetings are generated with. By default the owner of the Zoom account is used.

  6. (optional) Change the password length used when generating Zoom meetings passwords. By default a length of 10 is used. Passwords longer than 10 characters are currently not supported by Zoom.

4. Done

Enjoy, your Zoom meetings integration is now active and your YAROOMS account is Zoom enabled.

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