From the Schedule tab, you can set up different business hours for different days of the week. You also have the possibility to block weekdays at location level (in addition to the dedicated Blocked dates functionality of YArooms). For example, if you block Mondays, this will apply sequentially to every Monday, in perpetuity, until you chose to edit/remove the blocked date.

If you have different business hours for different days, the Daily view will adapt to the schedule and will display the time slots accordingly. Business hours can be edited at any time but, if future meetings are left outside the schedule due to an edit, a prompt will be displayed asking for those meetings to be deleted. Past meetings can exist outside of the schedule but they will be displayed in inactive time slots when using the Daily view.

You can also choose to restrict the schedule to the working hours (meaning that you decide if people can make bookings outside of business hours or not).

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