To create a recurrent booking, you can click the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen (Add recurrence +). A new set of options will appear, along with a preview of how the meeting will repeat.

The options specific to recurrent meetings are the following:

  • Recurrence type: daily, weekly, monthly by day, monthly by week day (e.g. third Monday of every month)

  • Exclude weekends: yes/no (except for the weekly recurrence)

  • No. of repetitions: how many times this meeting occurs; the maximum number of repetitions is 100. If a meeting occurs for more than that, we advise you to create a new one for better performance.

  • Repetition interval: in some cases you need the meeting to repeat every 2, 3… weeks, instead of every week.

If a meeting in the recurrence chain overlaps with an existing meeting / a blocked date a red tag will appear next to it and you won’t be able to proceed until you solve that conflict. To do so click on the red tag and choose to skip the instance in question from the recurrence chain. That meeting can later be manually recreated under different parameters, in order to avoid double bookings.

After the save button is clicked, depending on your level of access, your meeting will be directly booked into the room schedule or a meeting request will be submitted to the room owner to approve or decline the meeting. The user that created the meeting is the only one seeing it on the schedule while the meeting is pending, while the room owners, or supervisors, see the meeting request in the "Approval queue" section.

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