Payments via Stripe

After you have set up your Credits system, you have the option to integrate online payments with your company account by activating the Stripe credits integration from the Manage > Integrations menu.

You will need an existing Stripe account. You can sign up for one here:

In the Options tab of the Manage -> Integrations -> Stripe credits page, click YES to turn on the integration, then you can proceed to enter the API credentials obtained from Stripe.

Both the Publishable key and Secret key can be obtained from your Stripe account, from the Developers -> API keys menu.

After successfully testing the connection, new options for choosing your billing currency and customizing your Credits packages will become available.

Add new credits packages by using the Add + button then click into the field below the No. of credits header to input the number for the first package and then either click in the next field or hit TAB to input your price for this package. You can proceed to add more packages by repeating these steps. To remove a package simply click on the X in the right hand side of its row. To edit a package click on the field in question and modify the values. When you’re happy with everything click Save.

In the example below we have defined two packages:

  • 50 Credits = 50.00 USD

  • 100 Credits = 100.00 USD

This is an example of how the packages are visible to the users when they choose to topup the credits balance:

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