Access levels

Depending on the user group to which a user is assigned they will have different access levels to the platform.

  • Administrator is by default the first user created upon registration, but there can be any number of admins by assigning them to this group. They have access to the management section, where they can create rooms, locations, resources etc. Also they can modify any user's meetings and access billing information.

  • Supervisor is a special type of user that has access to all of the rooms and can modify any user's meetings. They do not have access to the management section or the billing information.

  • Tablet Service Accounts is a role meant specifically for pairing only with the YAROOMS Door Tablet app. It has administrative abilities as far as your room signage tablets are concerned. It can set-up a door signage tablet and pair this with a specific room and it can book / check-in / no-show / extend / end meetings directly from the YAROOMS Door app. This type of user cannot be used in the YAROOMS WebApp as it is intended solely for tablet management.

  • Any other user group created by an administrator will have a limited number of options regarding the platform, excluding global settings / billing / reports / asset management abilities as well as most external integrations. They will be able to book /edit / cancel only their own meetings. They will be able to book/view rooms depending on the permission level granted to them by an administrator.

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