Settings and Room States

Room States

YAROOMS Door shows your rooms’ status using 3 colour codes: Green if it’s unoccupied, Orange if it’s awaiting check-in and Red if it is currently booked.

  • Available

  • Waiting for Check-in

  • Occupied

Require login when booking

Another feature that can be activated if the booking function is enabled on your tablet requests user login before being able to make bookings directly from the room’s tablet. To do this, simply go to the Settings menu on your tablet and make sure that bookings from the tablet are enabled, then check the “Require login when booking” box.

When this feature is active, your users will get a pop-up window where they will be asked to input their credentials.

Extra Settings

You can change your app’s settings at any time by clicking on the gear icon in the lower-left corner.

The app will ask for your credentials before moving forward.

From the settings screen, you can:

  • Change the room assigned to the tablet

  • Ask users to login before checking into a meeting

  • Hide meetings’ names

  • Hide booker’s name

  • Hide the next meeting from the main screen

  • Disable bookings from the tablet

  • Ask users to login before creating new bookings

  • Change the time format

  • Hide the control bar

  • Activate early check-in

  • Activate extensions (if your tablet has light indicators mounted on its sides). Valid values to use here are (in lowercase mode):

    • iadea

    • qbic

    • powerbx

    • prodvx

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