Granting access rights

Users should be aware of the fact that their access rights will be those of the user group to which they have been assigned. This means, that depending on their permission level, some users might have view-only privileges, some may require approval when making a booking and some might not even be able to view a certain room in their calendars.

The system has three default user groups which cannot be edited or deleted.

The Administrator group has access to all menu features. They are able to create / edit / delete any type of information (such as rooms / users /resources / meetings). This means that they are also able to edit/cancel bookings made by other users. They have unrestricted access to all the rooms.

The Supervisor group is similar to a regular user group, but will have the additional menu options of Approval queue and Reports. They can approve / decline meetings for any room and they can pull up Reports regarding any activity over the platform. They are able to edit any booking, just like Administrators. They have unrestricted access to all the rooms.

The Tablet Service Account is a specialized type of user that only has access to the tablet app paired with a rooms signage tablet. They serve as an administrator for the tablet app. They cannot use the browser version of the software under this account. They have unrestricted access to all the rooms.

Any other User Group created by an administrator will have a limited view of the menu, without access to the Reports and Management features. They will only have access to the rooms which have been assigned to this group and depending on the type of access they will be able to either book meeting directly, book it after access is granted or just view the meetings without being able to make bookings.

This means that administrators can set granular access rights for each room, depending on the permission level a certain user group has.

Use case scenario

For a university type client we can make sure that the professors, students and administrative staff all have different degrees of access.

Professors can be assigned to a group that is able to book any room their department has access to, without having to wait for permission.

Students can be assigned to a group that has view-only privileges for classrooms, and can book other rooms (such as study group rooms) only after permission is granted.

Administrative staff will be part of the Administrator and / or Supervisor group, therefore being able to grant permission and to edit other bookings is the need arises.

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