How to activate the credits system

First you need to create a new user group or edit an existing one.

The Credits option does not apply to the default Administrator, Supervisor or Tablet Service Account user groups, which can book rooms regardless.

After you have selected your desired user group you can click on the Credits tab to turn this option on/off. You can also set the amount of credits this group receives every month. Setting the value to 0 (zero) will require all group credits to be bought. You can then proceed to Save your settings.

You can now set up how these credits are spent when these users are booking your spaces. To do this you need to define credit settings at the room level.

Add or edit a room from the Manage -> Rooms section. Click on the credits tab to turn this option on/off for the room in question. You can now decide how many credits a single time slot (as per the granularity setting in Global settings) is worth and you can input this number in the Credits per slot field.

For example, we could start with a granularity of 30 minutes and a Credits per time slot of 1. This means that for a 30 min booking, a single credit will be spent, while for a 2 hours booking 4 credits will be spent.

Multiple rooms can have different Credits values per time slot. This is handy when you have larger rooms or event spaces that are more expensive to rent to your tenants.

You will then have to decide what happens to credits which were spent for a booking when that booking is cancelled. You can either have the credits be returned to the balance of that group, meaning that they can be used again for a different booking, or you can choose to keep the credits spent.

Example use case:

Let’s say you have created the User group called Tenants which is allotted 300 credits per month and you have 3 users who are assigned to this group. User 1 needs to book Room A for two hours. You have set-up Room A to require 5 credits for a time interval of 30 minutes. This means that User 1 will spend 20 credits in order to book Room A for 2 hours. After they have successfully booked the room the remaining balance for the Tenants user group until the end of the calendar month will be 280 credits. On the 1st of each month the balance will refresh to 300 credits again, unless edited or new credits are bought by the users.

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