External services login

This article is addressed to users connecting to YAROOMS through external provisioning services (LDAP, SAML, SSO) and in need of using either the YAROOMS Door tablet app, the YAROOMS Outlook Plugin or raw API data.

If you are connecting to YAROOMS WebApp through one of the above external services and you need to use the API, you should be aware there is an additional step required to login.

By default, users log into YAROOMS with an email and an internal password, while users logging in with external identities use the same email, but a different, remote password, which cannot be stored in YAROOMS. For these users the internal password is randomly generated and therefore unusable at first.

While the connection to the WebApp is done with the email and the remote password, the API allows logging in solely with the email and the internal password. In order to make this usable, you need to ask an YAROOMS administrator, within your company, to log into the WebApp and reset the password assigned to your account (in the Manage > Users section) - this will only change the internal password, not the remote one.

After this step you’ll be able to connect to YAROOMS Door, YAROOMS Plugin or via the API with your email and the newly changed internal password.

Note: After resetting your internal password you will be able to connect to the WebApp with either one of the remote or internal passwords.

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