YAROOMS allows you to set-up an approval system within your company, in order to either limit a user’s access (if they go over a certain number of hours, for example) or to control access to a room (if it contains sensitive equipment, for example).

Permission to book a room can only be granted by an administrator / a supervisor / the room’s owner. The approval system can be set-up either from the Users menu or the Meeting rooms menu.

The "Grant access" tab of the Group edit page helps you define the granular access for users belonging to this group. Each row in this table is an association between the group and a specific room. Each association can be done with the following flags:

Can book - the user does not only see the room, it is also able to book it

Requires approval - if Can book is activated, by checking "Requires approval" you ensure that each booking done by a user of this group will need to be approved by a supervisor or room owner.

On the "Details" tab of the group edit page you can also define the "Cancellation policy". For example, a group may not cancel their own bookings 24 hours before the meeting starts. We call this behavior "Cancellation policy restricted 24 hours before the meeting start".

NOTE: This restriction does not apply to room owners.

The "Grant access" tab is the reverse of the same tab on the user groups section. Administrators and Supervisors automatically have access to the room, since they belong to a system group, while other users can be selected to see this room in their schedule.

The access can be view-only, with booking activated without approval or with booking that requires approval.

NOTE: Please be advised that room ownership will grand to this type of user the permission to edit/delete any meeting booked in the room for which they are responsible.

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