Register page

Admins also manage several user registration settings by turning on the Register Page option. This can be found in the Manage > Integrations menu.

The available options are:

  • allow new users to register themselves to the company account (by turning on the option)

  • mute notifications sent when a new user registers from the login page

  • allow registered users to be activated either automatically or manually by the admin

  • choose the default type of user for the new registered users (by assigning them to an already created user group)

  • choose the default location that these new users actually have access to (by assigning them to an already created location).

If the register page is activated, on the login page of the account a new button will appear in the right hand side of the screen, which will allow new users to register to your organisation. This feature is very important if you have an unpredictable and hard to manage number of users, like a university that allows students to book labs.

Depending on the settings you choose on the "Register page" tab, users that register will activate automatically and they will be able to book rooms, or they will need an administrator approval before starting to use YAROOMS.

When “Register page” is active and “Activate user” is set to “Manually, by an administrator”, newly registered users now have a “Pending” status. They appear in the users table (in the Manage > Users section) underlined in black. They can be activated by clicking on their name and then clicking on the “Activate” button. When this happens, the user will receive an activation email, and their status will change to “Active”.

NOTE: This is a one-time action – once activated, a user cannot be deactivated (either from the WebApp or through API).

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