This is a legacy plan discontinued starting with 1 Apr 2020

How is my account billed?

We bring value to our customers charging for YAROOMS based on usage

You can look at YAROOMS as a "meeting hosting system", or if unfamiliar with hosting, think of your meetings as YAROOMS's tennants.

The lifecycle of a meeting in our room booking software starts when created and ends when the meeting takes place, or when it is cancelled by someone. Each month the meeting is a "tennant", in other words between its creation and the end of the meeting, you pay for that meeting to reside in YAROOMS.

Some meetings are created in the month they take place, others are created a few months ahead. To illustrate how the billing system will count them we have created this interactive drawing that shows in each of the two months, which meetings are to be billed.

Cancelled meetings will not be billed if the cancellation occurs before the meeting takes place.

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