This section can be accessed by clicking the "Resources" link in the "Manage" section of the menu. It is accessible only to administrators.

Resources are items that can be booked along with meetings. Their implementation is very generic, that is why you can use them in a lot of different ways.

The resources can be shared between locations, or within a location, or only be available in a specific room.

Resources can also have cost and income per hour, just like rooms, metrics that are reflected in the reports. For example, the catering service can be set up as a resource and if a meeting books catering, the report will show what were the costs with catering in a certain month.

Adding a resource

Click the "Add resource" button and a window will open showing the following options:

  • Select existing type

  • Create new type

Since resources are organized into types, you can add multiple instances of a Laptop resource type. After you continue from this screen the next one is a standard form presenting you with the options for your new resource.

If you want a person to be in charge of bringing the resource to the meeting you have to assign them as resource owner. That way, when the resource is booked in a meeting they will be notified regarding this via email.

Adding a Shared Service

A shared service is a special type of resource. It can be booked across different rooms at the same time, which makes it ideal for catering items (coffee), in-house services (IT setup, Cleaning) or consumables (stationery restocking). Creating a Shared Service is similar to Adding a standard Resource - the sole difference being the "This resource is a shared service" modifier, which you can only edit upon creating the item.

Shared Services cannot be changed into normal Resources, nor can Resources upgraded to Shared Services after their creation.

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