This section can be accessed by clicking the "Users" link in the "Manage" section of the menu and it is accessible only to administrators.

Like any list in YAROOMS, the users list can be filtered by using the fields in the table header.

Every user account can be edited by the administrator, on click.

You also have the option to export your user list as a .csv file by clicking the button located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Creating a new user

First you need to click the "Add user" button on the list page. You will land on the "Add user" page.

On this page you enter the basic information of the user: first name, last name, email and password. The email and password are the credentials that the user is going to authenticate with.

The group you select here defines what access rights the users is going to have. For more details on groups, click here.

In the "Room ownership" field, you can select rooms that the user is owner of. Being owner means that he will receive booking notifications for those rooms and he can also approve, decline and modify any meeting scheduled in the room.

The location is the user establishment usually and also the default location the user sees after authentication. The rest of the fields are user preferences. Time format is used throughout the application and the default schedule screen offers the choices monthly, weekly and daily. If it is left as "Default" then the global organization setting is used.

After adding a user, the admin has the possibility of automatically sending an email to the newly created account with the credentials for authentication. This email can be skipped if desired.

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