Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 calendar integration, helps populate all the YAROOMS bookings to your Microsoft 365 resource calendars.

A common use case is syncing all the room bookings from YAROOMS to Microsoft 365.

How it works

After activating this integration, YAROOMS will have the ability to write event data to your Microsoft 365 rooms. So the steps to a successful setup are:

  1. Setup the Microsoft 365 integration

  2. Map the rooms in M365 to the rooms in YAROOMS

1. Activating the Microsoft 365 integration

A. Setup the Azure portal app and access rights

In the Azure Portal go to Azure Active Directory → App registrations and press the "+ New registration" button.

Give the app a name, leave the Redirect URI empty and press Register. You should then be redirected to the app details page.

From the app details page you will need to extract the following details which are needed later in the setup in YAROOMS:

  • Application (client) ID → we'll call this Client ID.

  • Directory (tenant) ID → we'll call this Tenant ID.

Go to "Certificates & secrets" in the left menu and press "New client secret". Give it an expiration date far in the future (for as long as you need the integration to work) and press "Generate". Extract the generated secret to use it later, we'll call it Client secret.

Go to "API permissions" in the left menu and configure the new permissions as per this table:

After adding the permissions press the "Grant admin consent for " button above the permissions table.

B. Setup the Microsoft 365 integration in YAROOMS

In your YAROOMS account go to Manage → Integrations and choose the "Microsoft 365" integration. Switch the "Integration active" field to YES and fill in the details obtained at previous steps in the Azure portal:

  • Tenant ID

  • Client ID

  • Client secret

2. Room mapping

After saving the Microsoft 365 integration settings, each room within your Yarooms account will display a new field in its details page, titled "Office365 room". This field is designed for adding the respective Room's Exchange Address.

Go to Manage → Rooms, click on the name of a room that you want to map, and you will see the new "Office365 room" field (see photo below).

After successfully linking your M365 rooms to the YAROOMS rooms, all newly created bookings in YAROOMS will be seamlessly displayed in your M365 Environment (Outlook).

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